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Frequently Asked Questions

Investing in a tutor is a great first step towards reaching your educational and/or career goals. It makes sense you may have some questions! I’ve tried to cover most of them here. If you have other questions, please reach out!


Please call 469-222-1956 to get an initial assessment, create a customized gameplan, and to schedule.  We look forward to speaking with you.

Let’s talk!!!


Every student’s needs, timeline, and knowledge base are different.  We can craft and create a custom gameplan and schedule that covers all aspects of your specific situation.

Yes, we will immerse ourselves in the subject or course material as much as you want.  We can assist with study skills, time management, and creating specific study plans to fit you or your child's needs. 

With permission, we can even contact and work with teachers and professors to better understand how we can best serve you.

Yes. We strongly believe that practicing and reinforcing concepts outside of lessons is a major component to having a successful learning experience. 

Yes. We work with students and their families who have identified learning accommodations in school. 

Contact us today to get a free custom quote!  Typically sessions are quoted on a per hour basis but we can also discuss prices based on projects as well.